11/25: LESSON 101
Did we understand the assignment?
This school year is about to be a vibe! In partnership with Kids Footlocker we’re launching our first Reading With A Rapper Classrooms in Houston & Atlanta. Tap link in our bio for more info!
11/29: LESSON 102
This is how we pull up & pop out…
Our emphasis on culture won’t stop at the classroom. Imagine a school where rides to and from school set the stage for what RWAR stands for – a space where new ideas are welcomed and where we say   to the status quo.
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12/2: LESSON 103
What if Bun B was your principle.
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12/9: LESSON 104
It’s not what you think, it’s better… time to unlock the playground in your mind.
Recess takes on a whole new meaning with the launch of our RWAR academy in partnership with Kids Footlocker. Now kids in Houston and Atlanta will have the RWAR experience right in their own schools. 
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12/16: LESSON 105
Greatness starts by doing and showing up for yourself daily.
We’re tapped in and committed to providing relatable mental exercises for students that prepare them for the future of their dreams. Everything is possible here!
In partnership with Kids Footlocker we’re launching the RWAR Academy in select schools across Houston & Atlanta.
More info by tapping link in my bio.
12/23: LESSON 106
When school is a whole vibe... Big Ole’ Energy!
In partnership with Kids Footlocker we’re launching the Reading With A Rapper Classroom this school year in Houston & Atlanta. 
Link in our bio to learn more.
12/30: LESSON 107
Did someone say Wings and Waffles…for lunch? Bet!
We can’t confirm nor deny @thebreakfastclub will be serving major flavor at RWAR Academy. Stay tuned as we make new announcements about our “When Culture Meets The Classroom” program launching in HTX & ATL – in partnership with Kid’s Footlocker. ​​​​​​​
Client: Kids Foot Locker & Reading With a Rapper 
Production Co.: IYO Visuals 
Powered By: Legends Do Live 
Directed & Written By: Isaac Yowman 
EP: Jarren Small & Douglas Johnson 
Producer: Miriam Heads 
Gaffer & Steadicam Op: Chris Vaughan 
1st AC: Ulrich V. 
G&E + On Set Content: James Markell Blake 
Starring: Bun B 
Additional Music Underscore: Stoppa 
Location: Sunny Side Community Center & Legacy (The School Of Sport Sciences) 
Wardrobe & Styling: Yobi Yobz 
Set Design: Rashad Quinnz 
PR & Marketing: Whos's Who 
Public Relations S Brand Identity: The Chasm Agency 
Signs & Graphics: Spectrum In Collaboration with Metro 
Supported By: City Of Houston All Rights Reserved © Read With A Rapper
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